Academy Private Dental Plan

Dentist in Charlotte Hall, MD

The purpose of the Academy Private Dental Plan is to help you receive immediate and personalized service through a dental service plan. This self-administered dental service plan allows us to offer access to dental coverage for those who would not normally be able to afford it.

How does it work?
The Academy Private Dental Plan works similar to many dental plans on the market. You pay a monthly membership fee for benefit coverage on your dental expenses. The plan is designed to cover preventive services such as cleanings and oral exams. This provides coverage that can be budgeted at an affordable monthly expense while receiving good benefits for your higher cost dental service.

All costs are discussed directly between the doctor and patient with no hidden fees, prior to beginning treatment. This plan allows for:

  • No waiting periods
  • Flexible coverage
  • No yearly maximum limits
  • No deductibles
  • No claim forms

Benefit Features of our Private Dental Plan:
100% Coverage of Dental Consultations
100% Coverage of Oral Exams (2 per year)
100% Coverage of Dental Cleanings (2 per year)
100% Coverage of Emergency Exam
100% Coverage of X-Rays – Bite Wing
20% Coverage of select services including, but not limited to Crowns, Fillings, and Dentures

See the entire list of benefits in our Private Dental Plan brochure.

Download the form  to sign up today or contact our office today to learn more about our private dental plan.