Dentist in Charlotte Hall

Dentures are beneficial for those who wish to replace all or some of their teeth. They are custom made to provide a natural appearance and allow you to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

Conventional Complete Dentures

Conventional Complete dentures are a great option if you need replacement for all of your upper and/or lower teeth. There are multiple in office appointments to help in the fabrication of your dentures to help us create a comfortable denture that allows you to eat, speak and smile with ease.

Immediate Complete Dentures

Immediate Complete dentures provide temporary replacement for your teeth while your gums heal following tooth extractions. The denture is delivered immediately following the extraction of your teeth which allows you to have the appearance and function of teeth during the healing process. In fact, immediate dentures act like a bandage to promote healing of the extraction sites and gum tissues. Generally, a conventional complete denture is made to replace the immediate denture once healing has completed.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a replacement for one or more missing teeth. The removable partial denture is stabilized by connecting to your natural teeth. Partial dentures sometimes have a metal framework to increase the strength of the denture.

Your dentures should be cleaned with a mild soap and warm water. They should be taken out every night and stored in a moist paper towel or container of water.

You will need to keep regular appointments with your dentist to screen for oral cancer and modify ill-fitting dentures.

Let us help to restore your smile today. Contact our office today for more information on dentures or to set up an appointment.